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E! Entertainment: Behind the Scenes

Was I excited to film an interview for E! Entertainment True Hollywood Story? Of course! Was I also nervous? Duh! Naturally! And that's what I want to talk about here.

Despite reports to the contrary, an author's life isn't ALL glamorous on-camera opportunities. But I've always longed for this exact thing to happen, so I actually spent years preparing for it. The main piece I worked on during those years was managing stage fright.

How? By embarrassing myself over and over again - on stage at The Mopco Improv Theatre! OK, not really. I mean, I wasn't a complete disaster every time I went up there. But in each class and performance, I learned over and over that perfection wasn't necessary. I learned to take creative risks. Embrace failure. Live in the moment, and then let it go.

These lessons really helped as my anxiety ramped up before the E! interview. I was able to take it for what it really was - not an indication I should run away and hide, but a rush of excitement combined with a desire to do my best.

I'll admit, I felt a sense of triumph after the interview. But I'm not going to lie. Managing stage fright - and really any kind of anxiety - is lifelong work. I'm so thankful I found Mopco, where that work is the best kind of fun.

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