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It strikes in the classroom. On the basketball court. At a job interview. And yes, on stage. What's that queasy, nervous feeling students, athletes, job candidates, performers, and so many others have in common? It's stage fright - a powerful sense of anxiety about being the center of attention.

Stage fright rattles people, so they can't perform at the top of their game. It forces them into hiding, too scared to share their gifts with the world. It inspires kids in all the wrong ways, causing low self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence, and behavioral issues.

But it IS possible to tame stage fright. As a lifelong introvert and performer, I know what it's like to both crave and fear the spotlight (on and off-stage!). That's why I've designed a workshop filled with low-risk, fun activities like writing exercises, performance games, and group discussions.


Do you want a stronger sense of self-confidence, higher self-esteem, and greater enjoyment when you take the spotlight? Let's work through this together so you can shine. Your journey starts here!

Contact me to schedule a workshop!

Check out my podcast,

Got Anxiety? Try This!, for general tips on

managing day-to-day anxiety. 

Buy my book, How To Be Ridiculous: 28 Tips for a Brand-New You!, which I wrote specifically to practice visibility!


Is this workshop for beginner actors, musicians, etc.?

Yes! And also no! It's a friendly space for people who've never performed on stage or screen in their lives. But it's also helpful for experienced performers working through issues with stage fright. Plus, I can tailor it for office teams, school classes, debate teams, and other groups that aren't focused on show-style performance.

Are you going to make me do weird, uncomfortable things in front of everybody?

I'm not here to make anyone do anything! While I aim to keep it light, silly, safe, and fun, you're free to sit out any activity you don't want to do. That said, you'll get more out of this if you're willing to stretch yourself and take teeny tiny baby steps out your comfort zone.

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