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Get Paid to Write Like a Pro

Updated: May 1, 2021

Years ago, I got a job as a newspaper reporter. I had no interest in news. But I liked writing. So I liked the job.

After that, I held full-time jobs writing about carpet cleaning, water technology, and cleaning and maintenance distribution. These are far from my passions. But I liked writing. So I liked these jobs, too.

Learning about writing on the job has a few distinct advantages over learning through courses and workshops.

1. Instead of paying for knowledge, you're getting it while somebody pays you.

2. Instead of working a "day job" and writing in your free time, you get to spend most of your time working on your writing skills.

3. You leave with clips that prove you're a professional writer. These will help you branch out to do the kind of writing you really want to do.

That's not to say courses and workshops aren't worth the investment. In many cases they are! But if you don't have the money for them, consider looking for job writing instead. As long as you're not too picky about your topics, there are tons of opportunities out there - at every level!

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