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Ready for Schools!

I'm gearing up for author visits during the 2021-22 school year, and a wise author/illustrator friend, Kyra Teis suggested I make a welcome video for my page. So I did! Immediately!

It's not perfect, but it's up - and for that, I have to give credit to another "friend," though I'll admit, we've never met. I consider Denise Duffield-Thomas my personal coach, since I listen to her audio books on a loop and her advice applies to all kinds of goals and successes (in addition to her specialty, money). One piece of advice she returns to time and again about video content is this: Just get it done. Put something up, even if it's a placeholder. Most likely you'll keep it there, and your audience will love it. They're not looking for perfect. They want the real, authentic you!

I don't know yet if this video will prove to be a placeholder or one I'll never replace. But here it is, up and ready for viewers!

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